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Christianity as Lack

In order to accept salvation, you first have to understand that by virtue of being (a fallen) human you are naturally a miserable creature who cannot save itself. Sometimes it is said differently: convince others that they are captives to sin, or that they don’t have control of their lives, so they should choose the right one.

But understanding ourselves as fallen is not something we choose to do. We are given it. If it is God who chooses us, this language of choosing to follow Christ because we have accepted that we are fallen seems rather pointless.  Maybe it makes sense ONLY in retrospect, after the event. I understand that I was in sin. I did not know how bad it was, how lost I was, how sinful I was, until now. “Now” being the time where I understand things. Where I have tasted the waters of true life. So if we are chosen by God and in being chosen we discover how fallen we really were, then it makes no sense at all to try and convert others by trying to convince non-believers that they are fallen. Moreover, Jesus did not go around telling people that they need him, rather he called out to people both in word and in deed.