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Self-portrait I

Michiel Sweert’s self-portrait 1656-1660
van Gogh’s self portrait 1889

Images along these lines are usually among the first pictures to pop into my head when thinking, somewhat abstractly, about self-portraits. However, these images come undone when thinking about how I would make a self-portrait. Sometimes I sketch what I see in a mirror – my face, breasts, feet, hands – but I wouldn’t call these self-portraits (which is not to say that they totally aren’t self-portraits) because through my readings in theology, philosophy and intersectional feminism, the “self” has become (1) disassembled, (2) re-oriented, and (3) re-emphasized. I can no longer conceive of myself as “my”self.

From within these three epistemological traditions, I will describe how the self has been disassembled, re-oriented and re-emphasized for myself. This on-going investigation will shape my own self-portraits.

My next post will list the thinkers and resources that will guide this investigation.

The Innocence of Museums

Whether Magazine


The Innocence of Museums

ANDRÉ FORGET • August 4th 2014

“Having become–with the passage of time–the anthropologist of my own experience, I have no wish to disparage those obsessive souls who bring back crockery, artifacts, and utensils from distant lands and put them on display for us, the better to understand the lives of others and our own. Nevertheless, I would caution against paying too much attention to the objects and relics…”

Orhan Pamuk, The Museum of Innocence

The first time I visited a museum was also the first time I ever saw a dead body. I have carried that association with me ever since. Not in any kind of morbid way – it is not as though I shudder when passing a museum or feel the urge to purchase an audio guide when at a funeral – it is just that the idea of the museum as a kind…

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