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“STJ 86: Taste and Bee” – Process & Theology

This art piece – STJ 86: Taste and Bee – thinks through Anglican, Sarah Coakley’s, articulation of desire in a Mennonite context. Here are a few slightly edited excerpts of an essay I wrote for professor Jeremy Bergen this year at Grebel Uni.:

STJ 86 Taste and Bee

“STJ 86: Taste and Bee” by Lisa Obirek, December 2015

5 reduction linocut on stonehenge paper with added media: water soluble oil, paint pens, raw bees wax, nail polish, gold leaf

This piece is called a “print” and fits within the broader artistic medium of “printmaking.” The more specific term for this particular print is called a five-reduction linocut. This means I use a traditional piece of rubbery linoleum which is essentially just heated up linseed oil and I carve designs into the same block of linoleum in five different stages.  I use carving tools that are similar to traditional wood carving tools on a smaller scale. These carving tools have different ends, or “bits,” that make their own distinct cuts into the linoleum. Continue reading “STJ 86: Taste and Bee” – Process & Theology

A good prayer

I have found that virtually every time I am involved in some sort of worship setting I am drawn to one of the prayers in Sing the Story. As the title of the post says, it’s a good prayer. Given that I’m not able to use it nearly as often as I’d like to, I thought I’d post it here.

Christ, whose insistent call

disturbs our settled lives:

give us discernment to hear your word,

grace to relinquish our tasks,

and courage to follow empty-handed

wherever you may lead;

that the voice of your gospel

may reach to the ends of the earth


Urgent Call to Prayer for Church of the Brethren in Nigeria

I don’t know that this blog has much broadcasting power, but particularly after the horrifying events over the last week and a half in northern Nigeria, I want to bring attention to the Mennonite World Conference’s urgent call to prayer for the Church of the Brethren in Nigeria (Ekklesiyar Yan’uwa a Nigeria). Here is a link to the letter addressed to the churches.There are ways to hear some of the stories and to let the church in Nigeria know that we are holding their plight in our prayers. As the letter says, “often in situations such as this, it is the sense of loneliness and lack of evident support from others that is most discouraging. Let us bear these burdens together.”