Author Bios

Gerald Ens graduated with an honours BA from Canadian Mennonite University in the Spring of 2013. His thesis is titled “Boundaries Thick and Permeable: Towards a Faithful and Vulnerable Ecclesiology.” When not reading, he is usually doing some combination of making music, exploring the televised worlds of Star Trek, the West Wing, or Seinfeld, or contemplating a Bob Dylan lyric. Gerald has spent eight summers working for Mennonite Church Manitoba’s camping ministry in various roles, a vocation that has been deeply formative for his life and thought. He currently resides in Winnipeg MB, practicing ecclesial failure and catching glimpses of God’s grace as an active member of Bethel Mennonite Church.

Lisa Obirek spends most of her time making things. For the most part, oil paint is her preferred medium to work and think with. She has two main hopes for this space.  First, that it will help her to think through and flesh out some of the rage that often seems close to the surface; to name and work through some of the healing/grieving that comes through Good ways of being enraged. Secondly, not enjoying the cold, Lisa tends to stay in her cozy home during winter. This blog will force her to get out of the home so she can access the internet and post pictures of the art that she has been working on – alongside some reflections on what they have been helping her think through.

Joel Peters graduated with his Master’s in organ performance from McGill university in 2014.  Continuing to study under Hans-Ola Ericsson, Joel is currently enrolled in the Artist Diploma program at the same university. He studies philosophy with a few friends in a few reading groups, which he loves. He also likes to cook a few things here and there, bike around, listen to music, learn German, drink coffee, and make jokes. He doesn’t do much else.  He hopes (naively perhaps) that by writing his thoughts down on the internet his ideas will be tested by those he does not see and that they might become better as a consequence.

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