philosophy with art via Grosz

It has been a while since I have been grabbed by a book but I think I may have found a new friend in Elizabeth Grosz. Here is a quote from the introduction to her 2008 book Chaos, Territory, Art; Deleuze and the Framing of the Earth.

“What can philosophy contribute to an understanding of art other than an aesthetics, that is, a theory of art, a reflection on art? Instead of supervening from above, taking art as its object, how can philosophy work with art or perhaps as and alongside art, a point of relay or connection with art? Only by seeking what it shares with ar, what common origin they share in the forces of the earth and of the living body, what ways they divide and organize chaos to create a plane of coherence, a field of consistency, a plane of composition on which to think and to create. In other words, what common debt do art and philosophy share to those forces, chaos, that each in their own ways much slow down, decompose, harness, and develop (through the construction of the plane of immanence in philosophy and the constitution of the plane of composition in the arts)? How, in other words, do the arts and philosophy(“theory”) create? With what resources? Techniques? Counterforces? And what is it that they create when they create “works,” philosophical works and artistic works?”

About Lisa

Besides sleeping, I spent most of my time making things. For the most part, oil paint is my preferred medium to work and think with.

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