Our historical understanding

“Our lethargic modernity certainly knows how to “think historically,” but it has long doubted that it lives in a meaningful history.” — Sloterdijk

About JoeL

I completed a Master of Music degree from McGill University. I am currently working towards an Artist Diploma also at McGill. I like to do philosophy as a hobby.

2 thoughts on “Our historical understanding

  1. Sloterdijk’s work is still quite new to me so I can’t say definitively. But I would probably say no. Sloterdijk seems to occupy himself primarily with critiquing practices. Sometimes these practices operate in a contradictory manner, like in the quote above. His work seems to me to be primarily negative. It might be helpful for those who get excited about having their lives and practices critiqued, but generally I think he is not someone who inspires — he is one who names, whether it is helpful or not.


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