Should I smile when I am stressed?

I’m in the midst of the busiest season for a church musician: Holy Week. I’m also in the midst of the end of the semester. You know, it’s tough to have a good attitude while being extremely stressed and busy. It’s fine to be stressed and busy occasionally. Maybe even most of the time. We need to work to live.

This isn’t going to be a post about “oh, take your time, make room in your schedule to love the little things.”

Here is the real problem. When I have a good attitude and appear to be carefree, no one seems very sympathetic when I say I have a lot to do. They seem to suggest that ” if you were really so stressed and had so much work to do, then you wouldn’t be in such a good mood.” Hence, for this reason they tend not to believe you when you say you are busy. When I have a bad attitude, appear depressed and distraught with a lot of work to do, then everyone is understanding and sympathetic. And this is important: When I have too much work to do, I fall behind on projects and I need others to give me space to catch up. But I rarely get this space unless I appear to be struggling and in desperate need.

Lesson: if you are stressed and have to much work to do, make sure you look and act it, otherwise you won’t get space, wiggle room, or understanding.

About JoeL

I completed a Master of Music degree from McGill University. I am currently working towards an Artist Diploma also at McGill. I like to do philosophy as a hobby.

3 thoughts on “Should I smile when I am stressed?

  1. …and if you cry you might even get more wiggle room. Crying makes me feel better. It makes me feel much better when I get to cry not alone. That is mostly why I want a dog. In experience, dogs are wonderful crying companions. They also have an attitude that will tell any unsympathetic friend to fuck off.

    lesson: dog.


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