What do we do?

It seems like anyone who really cares and works on the greatest problems of our time (Environment, racism, poverty, etc.) has to do it full time in order to make a difference. Anyone who does it part time isn’t really doing anything except trying to have a meaningful life and are actually ignorant of a lot of issues which will probably negate anything that you think you are working for. So, either you are a professional activist or you are a naïve citizen.

Sooooo. What is to be done? one gets the feeling now and again that everyone should stop and evaluate what we are doing and see that we are ripping apart our world and our future. But this only happens during the times of crisis.

I guess we should wait for the next crisis before drastic change takes place.

About JoeL

I completed a Master of Music degree from McGill University. I am currently working towards an Artist Diploma also at McGill. I like to do philosophy as a hobby.

3 thoughts on “What do we do?

  1. I’m a little late to this post, but are you arguing against the sentiment that people who really care work full time in their cause (which is obviously the most important cause), or are you arguing against the implicit nihilism of living a “quiet,” “meaningful,” western-middle-class lifestyle? Or perhaps you dislike both and feel really stuck as a result?


  2. your comments lead me to believe that there is another thing under girding this post. We, as individuals, feel that we must act to change the world but feel rather helpless to do much. Full time activists causes are seen to just be part of the situation, part of the current state of things. They don’t have much real power for drastic change, just little bits. The little bits that the part-time activist do seem to slowly and insignificantly to stop the looming ecological catastrophes or widespread racism.

    Perhaps part of this feeling of helplessness stems from something that we are all told: one person can change the word! We are all equal, anyone can do it!

    And perhaps this is the triumph of capitalism: anyone can make it, if you put your heart into it. Perhaps what we need is a new ethic.


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